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Nossos Serviços

Our services

At TEX Engenharia, we offer a full range of services to meet your needs. From construction and civil maintenance to the expansion of electrical substations, including demolition and drilling in reinforced concrete, electrical installations and the reliable manufacturing and assembly of metal structures. Count on us for efficient solutions and exceptional results.


Serviço de Construção Civil

TEX operates from planning the work to the final stages and thus has been meeting the various demands of civil construction:
- Earthmoving
- Paving
- Building works
- Foundations
- Drainage
- Industrial floor
- Road scales
- Topography

Construction and Expansion of Electrical Substations

Serviço de Construção e Ampliação de Substações Elétricas

Substations contain equipment for transmitting and distributing electrical energy. These facilities have peculiarities and, therefore, can only be accessed by specialized companies.

Serviço de Instalações Elétricas

The company is able to carry out electrical installations, carrying out activities with safety and quality.
- Low, medium and high voltage
- Building electrical installations
- SPDA    

Civil Maintenance

Serviço de Manutenção Civil

Buildings constantly undergo maintenance processes, whether preventive or corrective. In this sense, TEX carries out activities according to the client's needs, with actions aimed at conserving the structure.
- Structural reinforcement
- Recovery of reinforced concrete structures
- Plant shutdown
- Civil support to other segments

Demolition and Drilling in Reinforced Concrete

Serviço de Demolição e Perfuração em Concreto Armado

TEX Engenharia specializes in demolition and drilling services in reinforced concrete. Depending on the need and location of the activity to be carried out, a diamond drill, electric hammer or hydraulic pointer can be used, coupled to the backhoe. 

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